A word in his ear

Monday, 20 December 2010 12:48 Jeff Garland
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(Described as perhaps the Island’s sole surviving native thinker, Ealish is writing a verse epic: The Will of Tynwald. A Child’s Guide to Manx Politics. She lives in Bride, breeds Salukis and rides Suzukis)

Ealish Voght


Who’s the fellow that’s never alone –roaring silence

courted and flattered, well fed and sleek?

Why, he’s the Minister’s brother in law:

he is a power behind the throne.


But what does he do, what is he for –

nodding and grinning, nothing to say?

Drops a few words in the Minister’s ear –

birds of a feather – need I say more?


Does money change hands, oiling the wheels,

fixer and grifter, those back room boys?

I wouldn’t say that, we’re honest folk here:

in a family way, he just does deals.


Is he above and beyond the law?

A scandal, a sin, a crying shame!

No, he’s decent enough, and what is more,

Triple A rated by Standard & Poor,


Nod and a wink, a word to the wise,

under the counter and underhand?

It’s sensitive stuff, you must understand:

ask no questions and you’ll hear no lies.


So no charisma, but knows the score,

hits the ground running, gets up to speed?

I wouldn’t say that, he’s no ball of fire,

yet steady enough, feet on the floor.


So truth will out, a bit of a bore:

He’s nothing to look at, beige and grey.

Yes, he’s very like his brother in law,

the Minister, as I said before.