The Election Procedure for a New Lieutenant Governor - A Bad Move for Democracy

Monday, 27 September 2010 21:58 Chris Blyth
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So our Chief Minister believes it is good for Manx independence that he should chair a very select, small committee of local worthies to choose our new Lieutenant Governor – but I beg to differ.

We already have a government of so-called “Tony’s cronies”, all indebted to his patronage for their ministerial perks and pensions, operating to an agenda and manifesto that was never declared prior to the election, and with a “bloc vote” system which stifles any effective opposition. Having an existing Lieutenant Governor as a member of that selection committee, serving in a truly independent role and with the very considerable career benefit of years of leadership, man management, and decision making– plus direct access to the UK Government - seems to me to be a preferable system. Entrusting the choice to the Chief Minister, no matter how successful they may have been (or unsuccessful, as perhaps the current case with Mr Brown) – would seem to strengthen the possibility of further patronage, with its attendant risks to a proper democracy – and should not be seen as a “step forward”.