PAG Constitution

Thursday, 30 April 2009 13:04 PAG
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At the AGM of 27th April 2009 The PAG Constitution was altered to reflect our activity. The four amendments were restricted to Section I. Objectives.

That section now reads:

Section I. Objectives

1. The Positive Action Group shall be a not for profit Association open to all individuals who meet the qualifications for membership as detailed in Section III.

2. The objectives of the Positive Action Group shall be:

(a) To promote awareness and understanding of politics and citizenship

(b) To encourage members of the public to participate actively in politics by taking part in discussions, making their views known, voting, standing for office and holding public office.

(c) To encourage an increase in the percentage turnout of the electorate, by raising awareness of the importance to the electorate of exercising their democratic right to vote - a consequence of which will be that they can help to shape and secure the future of the Isle of Man.

(d)To bring to the attention of Tynwald Members, the Government of the Isle of Man, or any other appropriate bodies, issues or matters of public interest raised by members of P A G; and which may include submissions in response to public consultation exercises

(e) To raise funds for the purposes of furthering the aims of the Association.