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Block Vote in Tynwald

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To aid understanding of Tynwald voting procedures PAG has updated its acclaimed 'Block Vote' diagram.

To be successful, the proposer of a motion, must get a majority of votes in both Keys and Council - generally
13 and 5 votes respectively.

In the Keys, bolstered by collective responsibility a Minister can be guaranteed 9 votes plus the votes of his/her
departmental members e.g The DfE Minister has 12 votes in the bag before any vote is taken!

We are pleased to say that, compared with our previous Block Vote from 2012, the current version shows that this voting system
is marginally less predictable. There are fewer MLCs who have a departmental role.

PAG Block Vote v3 2021s


PAG's SAVE Programme Proposal

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SAVE Programme†Proposal from POSITIVE ACTION GROUP (PAG)save-iom
Reducing costs within the Legislature
1. The SAVE Programme challenges the public and Tynwald Members to†identify opportunities, initiatives and projects to help meet a target of saving £25 million over the next 5 years.
2. This proposal is aimed at reducing the cost of the Legislature in two ways:†
a) †Remuneration reduction for†Members of the Legislative Council
b) †Combining the roles of President of Tynwald and Speaker of the House of Keys.
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