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Health and Social Policy

Towards a More Selfish Society

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The results of the latest British Social Attitudes Survey (of nearly 3300 adults) have just been published – with some very worrying (but perhaps not surprising) trends revealed..... and apparently effected significantly by the current economic turmoil and the prospect of austerity conditions for the next 5-10 years...

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Access this URL (http://data.gov.uk/dataset/british-social-attitudes-survey)british-social-attitudes-survey23 Kb0

In Search of the "Fair Society"

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I yield to no-one in my distaste for the “bully boy” antics of many trade union leaders – but find rare agreement with Ms Moffatt in her criticism of our government’s waste and poor management. On the other hand, I suspect her protestations of trying to work with government to achieve improved standards of public service are bluster.


A Defining Moment

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PAG has continually highlighted the damage the current strength of the block vote is doing to the process of democracy in our parliament.

Liberal Vannin's very latest press release (in relation to the reciprocal health agreement and asking for a free vote of conscience for members of Tynwald) highlights this in the starkest fashion possible.

There was a time when your vote for a particular candidate at the general election meant something - has the block vote completely destroyed this?




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