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Who would you vote into Legco?

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Please take part in our own little poll here and vote for your candidate*


In a Democracy, The Electorate Gets the Government It Deserves

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“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.... “ is one of my favourite quotations from Shakespeare, and is, for me, a defining statement of the need for personal accountability and responsibility in our lives. We currently appear to live in a “blame culture” – our problems always being down to some-one else, as though we had no personal control, involvement or responsibility.


The Game is Up ......

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When politicians become items of ridicule and satire, the game is surely over, their weaknesses exposed for all to see, and their authority dissipated with the wind. Such is the case with Tony Brown, our Chief Minister, whose downfall must surely be nigh!


Our secret relationship with the UK - Memo to the Justice Committee

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Memorandum by Tristram C. Llewellyn Jones, Positive Action Group member, Isle of Man.


February 2010 sitting of Tynwald

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As an outsider, if you had sat through the latest sitting of Tynwald you would surely despair of it. We hope that this inept display will spur the Manx people on to next time elect a more able body (where we are allowed to). We cannot bring ourselves to write much more for now, but please read the following Manx Herald article on the debacle.

A new low for Manx Politics?


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