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Public Sector Wage Demands

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WagesSo .... the Public sector Unions are agitating again for a pay increase for their members. They have clearly forgotten (or are willing to ignore) the economic problems of a government which has had a big slice of its anticipated VAT income snaffled by the UK – and, meanwhile, we have ever increasing demands on government expenditure, with education, the health service, old age pensions etc all suffering minor salami slices in government spend, and Ministers (you would think) desperately trying to balance their departmental budgets. Every 1% increase in wages takes £3million out of the total government budget – and away from public services – and hence the problem.


2010 Budget - A triumph of creative accounting, more 'spin' than substance

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There is, of course, no “right answer” as regards economic policy and the making of a budget. There are any number of variations on the theme which can be valid, depending on one’s political stance, the exigencies of the situation, and the time-frame applicable.  Mr Bell’s latest budget has apparently been greeted enthusiastically by many as “right for the times” now facing the Isle of Man.


The Case for retaining the Common Purse Agreement

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A transcript of the key parts of Chris Robertshaw’s presentation to a PAG meeting on 1st February 2010.

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VAT – Why we should abrogate

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Roger Tomlinson has asked me to examine the case for abrogation because I was a guest on Sunday Opinion just after the VAT bombshell hit us and I had prepared a 15 point plan for the Government to consider as a way out of the mess they had found themselves in.  That plan was published on the PAG site with my permission and one of the action points called for abrogation when we could be seen to be capable of collecting such a tax ourselves.


Liberal Vannin Position Paper on the Common Purse Agreement

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Taken from the Liberal Vannin website 31/12/09 with permission.

The Agreement

The Common Purse Agreement is an agreement between the Governments of the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom whereby the Isle of Man levies similar customs and excise duties to the United Kingdom. In return the Isle of Man receives a percentage of the total customs and excise duties levied in the United Kingdom.


Public Sector Pensions - A Step Forward, But The Flaws Remain......

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The latest revisions to the proposals for Public Sector Pension reform can be broadly seen as a step in the right direction, but are too timid, and fail to acknowledge fundamental flaws in both the set-up, and the long-term sustainability of the scheme.


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