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Statins: Curse or Cure?

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Public Meeting

Statins: Curse or Cure? A Public Debate.medication-cartoon

Dr Alex Allinson MHK 


Courtenay Heading

 Monday 25th September 2017 at 7:30 p.m. 

Manx Museum Theatre, Douglas 

The event is free and open to all

The cost and funding of prescription drugs is a hot topic in the Isle of Man.

Positive Action Group (PAG) kicks off its monthly series of public meetings with a debate about the wisdom of widely prescribing statins to adults. Statins are drugs which lower cholesterol in the blood. Elevated levels of cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and often devastating problems. 

The British Heart Foundation identifies two groups of people who benefit from statins - those who already are at high risk and those who potentially are at risk. Taking statins is one option to lower the risk. But is the drug safe? What are the side effects? Should the NHS be prescribing a preventative pill when there are other ways to achieve a healthier non-risk life style? 

Guest speaker Courtenay Heading is a former Healthcare Innovation Consultant to the Isle of Man Government.He firmly believes that adopting a healthy life style pays untold dividends and has amassed a wealth of information which is contrary to conventional medical practice. He rejects what he perceives as the pill culture and the cost to us all. 

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, is a practising doctor who is well aware of the advantages of statins. He will advocate those benefits and the continued use of the drug.

Following the debate their will be adequate time for questions from the audience.


PAG Event: Is more means testing merited?

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Positive Action Group present

Is More Means Testing Merited?




PAG Public Meeting: The IoM – a potential cycling Utopia?

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PAG Public Meeting

The IoM – a potential cycling Utopia?

A presentation by Roger Geffen MBE,Director- Cycling UK

7.30 p.m. Monday 22nd May 2017

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is free and open to all



The IOM – a potential cycling Utopia? For a small island with a small population it is surprising how congested the island's roads can become during peak travel times. Perhaps one solution to the log jams everyone must have experience at least once in places like central Douglas, is for commuters to ditch the car and travel by public transport or whenever possible, walk or cycle to work.

The government is currently working on an 'Active Travel' strategy which it is hoped, through various interventions will encourage many more residents to get out of their car and use their own leg power to propel themselves to work, the shops and to leisure activities.

For its public meeting on Monday 22 May Positive Action Group (PAG) has decided to focus on the cycling component of the strategy and have invited Roger Geffen MBE, campaigns and policy director of Cycling UK to address the meeting.


PAG Event: Safer Drug Control presentation

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anyoneschildPUBLIC MEETING in association with IoM Freethinkerstransform

Safer Drug Control

Presentation by Jane Slater, Head of Operations at TRANSFORM 

24th April 2017 at the Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

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Download this file (Isle of Man presentation.pdf)Safer Drug Control presentation PDF format1075 Kb268

PAG Event: Safer Drug Control

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anyoneschildPUBLIC MEETING in association with IoM Freethinkerstransform

Safer Drug Control

a presentation by 

Jane Slater

Head of Operations at TRANSFORM 

7.30 p.m. Monday 24th April 2017 

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is free and open to all

Three years ago PAG, in association with IOM Freethinkers, raised the argument for the possible legalisation of drugs. Esteemed academic, Professor David Nutt was invited to the Island and made a presentation to a packed public meeting, 'The Truth About Drugs:  A basis for a fair and rational policy?'. The YouTube video of the event has had over 12,000 views! There seemed to be considerable public support for his ideas, based as they are on evidence. Even the then Chief Minister, Allan Bell, went public in favour of liberalisation of Island drug laws.
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