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PAG Event: Meeting our population challenge with Paul Craine

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PAG Event

"Meeting our Population Challenges - a response"

presentation by Paul Craine

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Manx Legion Club, Douglas

7:30 pm MONDAY 30th APRIL 2018


- All Welcome -

The headline result from the 2016 census was†that the IOM experienced a worrying decline in population for the first time in 30 years. Further analysis uncovered a range of significant facts about†the Island's population size and structure -†the declining birth rate,†the emigration of young adults,†the growing number of people in retirement.

Until 2016 a steady rise in the working population of 500 per annum was considered achievable but amidst wide publicity, the IOM Chamber of Commerce†calculated that figure should be dohble that at 1000!

Recently†Government, unusually, issued a 'white paper' - 'Meeting our Population Challenges'.†It is a report, a†discussion paper, to further analyse the situation and to consider appropriate responses.†It is aimed at stimulating debate about population policy.

There's nothing more that Positive Action Group (PAG) likes doing than having a public debate!†

On 30th April, Paul Craine will discuss his responses to the report. Paul has established a strong and respected reputation about †population matters. His stunning 2016 †' Isle of Man Population Atlas'†contains 130 colourful pages of maps and graphs†which†highlighted:†

  • a shift from population growth to decline
  • the emigration of young adults
  • a sharp reversal in the number of births
  • a reduced working population
  • a population that is ageing

Two years later these issues are referred to in the government white paper about which Paul will provide†expert analysis and commentary. The†dilemma is that†Government wants to grow the working population to bring in more tax revenue.†

It is a problem which†demands decisive†actions. Health and Social Care costs will mean a†higher tax burden for the working population. Why do so many students leave the island?

Come along to find out what the arguments are -†the event is free and open to all.

Paul himself says:†

"I believe that the Isle of Man's population vulnerability can be reduced.††I am delighted to have been invited to lead the April PAG meeting with an exploration of the Island's population challenges and the proposals offered in the recent government paper. †I will add my own analysis off where we are and what we need to do".

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