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PAG Event: Safer Drug Control

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anyoneschildPUBLIC MEETING†in association with†IoM Freethinkerstransform

Safer Drug Control

a presentation by†

Jane Slater

Head of Operations at TRANSFORM

7.30 p.m. Monday 24th April 2017†

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is free and open to all

Three years ago PAG, in association with IOM Freethinkers, raised the argument for the possible legalisation of drugs.†Esteemed academic, Professor David Nutt was invited to the Island and made a presentation to a packed public meeting, 'The Truth About Drugs: †A basis for a fair and rational policy?'. The YouTube video of the event has had over 12,000 views!†There seemed to be considerable public support for his ideas, based as they are on evidence. Even the then Chief Minister, Allan Bell, went public in favour of liberalisation of Island drug laws.
Since then there has been a growing local movement to push ahead with legal regulation. The new Government is dedicated to developing evidence based policies, so PAG & IOM Freethinkers have got together again to sponsor further public debate on this controversial topic.
The speaker this time is†Jane Slater†-†Head of Operations and Fundraising at the charitable think tank Transform. Transform has been at the cutting edge of drug policy analysis for almost 20 years.
Legal regulation means taking the drug trade out of the hands of criminals and placing it under government control via doctors, pharmacists and licensed vendors. Different drugs need different regulation. The more harmful the drug the stricter should be its control.
Local man, Ray Lakeman of Port St Mary is a firm supporter of decriminalisation. †In December 2014 his two sons died after taking ecstasy†bought on the 'dark web' and who were unaware of its strength.
"We need to move beyond fear, discrimination and punishment, and towards drug laws that are based on honesty, compassion and health. We insist on the safety and control of alcohol, tobacco, even sugar - so why not drugs?"
Ray and his wife Linda support 'Anyone's Child', a group of similarly bereaved parents campaigning to avoid †tragedies like theirs by legalising and regulating drugs. The family network was formed by Transform.
Jane Slater is keen to come to the Isle Man to communicate the transformational ideas of her Charity.
Transform website:†http://www.tdpf.org.uk† † †Anyone's Child website:http://anyoneschild.org
Following her presentation Jane will answer questions and welcome comments from the audience.
Jane Slater†is†Head of Operations and Fundraising at the charitable think tank Transform. She also leads the groundbreaking Anyone's Child: 'Families for Safer Drug Control'†campaign, and she engineered the international campaign in advance of the UNGASS 2016.†
Before joining Transform in 2007, Jane worked for various charities and public sector bodies, including†the British Red Cross. She graduated with a degree in Geography from the University of Manchester and has subsequently completed an MSc in International Development at Bath University.†
Her masters focused on the urgent need for the international development community to engage with drug policy reform.†
The 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session, (UNGASS) was a meeting of UN member states to assess and debate global issues such as health, gender, or in this case, the world's drug control priorities. The last time a special session on drugs was held in 1998, its focus was the total elimination of drugs from the world. Today, political leaders†and the public are†working to change that ineffective and dangerous approach.

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