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The choice for chief minister

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"The Choice for Chief Minister"

An opportunity for those standing for Chief Minister to outline their programme to the non-voting public


7.30 p.m. Monday 3rd October 2016 

Manx Legion Club,  Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is Free and Open to all

Having been responsible for electing parliamentary representatives the public plays no part in the formal process of the election of Chief Minister.

It is most likely that the choice of nominees for Chief Minister will be made from returning MHKs. 

One of the first tasks, after their swearing-in ceremony, newly elected MHKs will need to consider the election of a Chief Minister. A timetable for that procedure has been published. On 27th September the nominees for Chief Minister, chosen by all Tynwald Members, will be declared and those people must then publish their policy statements within two days. On 4th October the formal election will progress in Tynwald Court.

In a unique move to include the public, PAG has sent out a preliminary invitation to all candidates seeking re-election that, if they are nominated to stand as Chief Minister, those people address a public meeting to explain their policies.

PAG has previously raised the issue of the public directly electing our Chief Minister.

It hasn’t gained the support of MHKs, so what we are organising is the next best thing. By the end of September we will know the nominees of Tynwald Members and those nominees will have published their policy statements.

So PAG is giving them the opportunity to explain their plans for the next 5 years to the public. That’s all.

In 2011 there were only 2 candidates nominated. This time there may be more.

The preliminary invitation has been sent only to constituency candidates seeking re-election - there are 17 of them. IF they are successful and get re-elected and IF then they are then nominated to be Chief Minister, PAG wants them to explain, live, their policies to the public.

The venue has been booked, and the Manx Legion can accommodate over 200 people. The event is free and open to everyone. All we need now is the certainty of willing speakers and for the public to come along! It is likely that, before the formal election in Tynwald, nominees will be interviewed, in the controlled environment of a Manx Radio studio, but we want to see them live, explain their policies and be questioned. Let’s see the body language and hear the responses and be challenged!

All are welcome. Admission is free.


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