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PAG Event: Abuse

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A presentation by Tamasin Wedgwood & Marcia K Brabbs of Safe, Strong, Secure (3S)*


7.30 p.m. Monday 5th September 2016 

Manx Legion Club,  Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is Free and Open to all

One of the advantages of living in the IOM is the the comparatively low crime rate. Statistics in the Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2015-16 supported this statement. That said, bubbling below the surface in any society it is possible to detect disturbing trends.
One such was the fact that there was a 56% annual increase in Domestic Abuse Reports. In the year it totalled 457 incidents reported to the police. How many remain secret? Could the problem be much larger?
Oddly, it could be good news! It may mean that the police are getting better at recognising abuse and victims are getting more confident in reporting/disclosing abuse. The Chief Constable commented ‘This suggests that victims feel sufficiently confident to come forward and place their trust in us. Certainly there has been a concerted effort amongst police officers who are said to have reinvigorated their approach to physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse.
PAG wants to further pull back the shroud of silence about abuse, before September’s General Election, and so have invited speakers from Island Charity 3S - Safe, Strong, Secure to address its September public meeting. The Charity actively works to help victims.
Abuse Advisors,Tamasin Wedgwood and Marcia K Brabbs will explain the work that they do and the way forward to tackle a problem which is rarely discussed. “We want abuse to no longer be hidden away and for victims to not be ashamed of their experience or feel that they have to hide from the person who is choosing to abuse them. We hope to empower others to speak up and speak out as well.”
No one can be immune from the threat of abusive behaviour. Sir Patrick Stewart witnessed his father’s violent behaviour towards his mother. Alesha Dixon also witnessed domestic violence as a child. They both now work to raise awareness.
So come along to this event and have your eyes opened about a worrying trend in society - even ours!
Join in the discussion.

All are welcome. Admission is free.


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