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PAG public meeting: Keeping fit for purpose

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PAG Public Meeting

Meet the Minister (2) 

'Keeping Fit for a Purpose'

Hon Howard Quayle, Minister of Health & Social Care,

Mark Charters, Chief Executive, Health & Social Care


7.30 p.m. Monday 18th May 2015

Manx Legion Club. Market Hill, Douglas

Howard Quayle, Minister of Health & Social Care and Mark Charters - the Department's Chief Executive Officer - have been to New Zealand for an-the-spot look at the famous Canterbury Model of community-friendly delivery of health and social care in practice.

They will be sharing their findings with us and presenting their ideas for continuing to develop a cost-effective and user-friendly service in the Isle of Man.

If you wish to question and discuss those issues which concern you, come along to the Legion on the 18th May.

This is the second of a short series of PAG events called 'Meet the Minister':

On 23rd March we had Eddie Teare on budget matters. Later in the year (September) the topic will be 'Local Government Reform'.

*The meeting is free and open to all*
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Access this URL (http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/sites/files/kf/field/field_publication_file/quest-integrated-care-new-zealand-timmins-ham-sept13.pdf)quest-integrated-care-new-zealand-timmins-ham-sept13.pdf3679 Kb0

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