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Bell's Obesity Outburst

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bellIn late August, perhaps to divert attention from criticism of Noble's Hospital and the letter of no confidence in the Health Minister (signed by 10 MHKs), Chief Minister Bell went on a divergent tirade about obese IOM schoolchildren.

Inexplicably he linked his outburst to elderly people placing pressure on health services and that parents of overweight children may be guilty of neglect or even child abuse.

A few days later, in what appears to be orchestrated publicity, Dr Paul Emerson, a Consultant in Public Health, supported the thrust of the Chief Minister's remarks.

The Manx media lapped it up with an articles in the printed press and interviews on the radio stations.
Disappointingly no journalist incisively questioned Bell's bluster and generalisations. All that is known that any obesity information is based on annual statistics for 5 year old children.

If there is any truth in a broader context then PAG wants to know, so it has framed a few questions to Public Health to try and establish the facts.

Here's what we've asked:

1. Could you please provide the full details of the 2012 study conducted in the Isle of Man to enable you to make the statements attributed to you and the Chief Minister?

2. In addition please provide the actual results of the study.

3. Could you also provide full details of the local obesity framework.

This request is made under the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information

Once we get reply we'll put it on the website.
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Download this file (dh06_plan_for_tackling_childhood_obesity_21-jan-2013.pdf)Dept Health Plan for Tackling Childhood Obesity637 Kb2262


0 #1 REPLY RECEIVEDWRT 2013-10-20 14:17
Will post reply in separate article.

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