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Meeting on 'Play' with Chris Gregory

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It was unfortunate that we had possibly our lowest turnout this year for Monday's meeting.

Those that braved the cold weather heard a presentation that was well structured and skilfully made with some damning conclusions that were hard to dissagree with.

Children desperately need advocates like Chris. I hope that those present last night will pass Chris's message on to others on the island.  

His presentation is attached. Read it and act upon it!

Original meeting invitation

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Download this file (PAG Play Chris Gregory 26112012.pdf)PLAY - Presentation by Chris Gregory 26.11.20123309 Kb1233


+1 #2 RE: Meeting on 'Play' with Chris GregoryTristram 2012-11-30 20:20
There were over 3000 responses to Chris Gregory's survey - so it was most unfortunate that few attended his well researched talk.

We are constantly told that the Isle of Man is a very safe place. We have the lowest crime rate in Britain and the crime rate is still falling. Yet what Chris proved with his research is that many parents are not confident enough for their children to be out of their sight. Likewise many children are not confident to be away from adult supervision.

What is it about the Island that is frightening families?

The issue is important because, as was highlighted, children need to play unsupervised to develop both their confidence and their problem solving skills. Without that all they will be less capable when they grow up.

Something has gone very wrong with children's social policy in the Isle of Man and politicians need to wake up to the issues.
+3 #1 RE: Meeting on 'Play' with Chris GregoryChris Gregory 2012-11-29 18:14
Thanks to all those that came, I don't think the low turn out took anything away from the evening.... not many consider play a serious subject. i thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and I hope those that came took something away from it, I certainly did.

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