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Freedom of Information-Refreshing perspective for our politicians!

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PAG has been campaigning for many years for a Freedom of Information Act in the Isle of Man.

We are encouraged by a recent report from the House of Commons Justice Committee on the working of the legislation in England and Wales.

Many of our politicians support the introduction of an FOI Act here, but so far have failed to deliver, with some having various misgivings about its introduction.

The report ought to allay many of those fears.

We decided to contact all Members of Tynwald, asking them to read the conclusions and recommendations.....


Dear Tynwald Member

The Justice Committee of House of Commons has recently published a report assessing the Freedom of Information Act 2000:
"Post-legislative scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Justice Committee"
You will be aware that in the Isle of Man, despite years of promises and procrastination, we don't have our own FOI Act.
The latest promise by the Chief Minister is that it will be another 12 to 15 months before the legislation will be passed here.
There have been various misgivings expressed by some Members about such legislation and it is heartening that such concernsappear to have been addressed in the report's findings.
It is a long report and refers to the Act in England and Wales
We write to ask you to please take time to read only the 37 conclusions and recommendations in this link:
Doing so should convince you that the Isle of Man government ought to confidently progress an FOI Act here.
[Please acknowledge receipt of this e mail]



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