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PAG Event: The case for Manx TV

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Well known local broadcaster Paul Moulton will present the case for the establishment of ManxTV at our first Public Meeting of 2012:

Manx Testcard

The Case for Manx TV

7.30 p.m. Monday 30th January 2012

A presentation by Paul Moulton

Manx Legion Hall, Douglas

 Last year the Department of Culture, Media and Sport set out  proposals to for a 'New Framework for Local TV in the UK'. As a result 20 'pioneer areas' are expected to get their own local TV stations.

It is anticipated that the scheme will later be extended to a further 24 areas, some with populations smaller*  than Isle of Man such as Limavardy in Northern Ireland and Bangor in Wales.

The BBC has allocated £40 million for the scheme.

According to DCMS Minister Jeremy Hunt ‘New stations will provide local communities with programming relevant to their daily lives’.

Yet our government and Tynwald has meekly accepted that the Isle of Man will continue to be part of the BBC North West Region and will have to make do with the limited local coverage we currently receive.

Minister Phil Gawne , a member of the Select Committee of Tynwald on the Television Licence Fee, is highly critical of the Council of Ministers (CoMin) 'disappointing' latest recommendations - "The Isle of Man has reverted to type... (it) is not fighting the corner of the Manx licence fee payers".

Isn't this reminiscent of CoMin's response to the proposed UK cancellation of the Reciprocal Health Agreement in 2009?

Jersey and Guernsey get much greater local coverage via BBC Channel  Islands - 'delivered by a team of dedicated BBC video journalists'.  They also they have ITV's Channel Television.

Also contributing to the PAG debate will be Roger Watterson of Manx Radio and MHK Graham Cregeen, who was Chair of the Select Committee of Tynwald on the Television Licence Fee.

As usual admission is free and open to all, so do join us and let's hear what you think.

[*Population IOM - 86,000: Limavady 32,000: Bangor 22,000] 



0 #2 Manx TV Launchedroy 2012-02-03 11:13 Quote
-2 #1 RE: PAG Event: The case for Manx TVGuest 2012-02-01 10:40
After hearing the submissions of the three speakers and many of the comments I was relieved to exit the meeting and those people who repeated make a lot of noise (a cry for help, maybe) and show behaviour that will not bring much favour from the establishment here or away? Then my feelings were – there is a boat in the morning – and what is important to me for the rest of my life. Manx Radio’s news today, Wednesday, highlights the threatening job losses. More cash from the BBC will not be forthcoming if the above speakers keep harping on exclusive IOM editorial control.

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