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PAG meeting on Criminal Justice & Your Freedom

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[Still on despite weather]

P A G Public Meeting

"Criminal Justice & Your Freedom"

A panel discussion

7.30 p.m. Monday 29th November 2010

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

Admission free - All welcome

We all value our freedom, especially here in the Isle of Man, so when Government brings in legislation that threatens some of those freedoms it is inevitable that there will be much public concern. That is what has happened with the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2010.

Previous article on this Bill          PAG submission to consultation


The weighty document contains 78 Clauses many of which are controversial by giving Police greater powers and allowing the Department of Home Affairs to amend legislation 'By Order'. Such a measure allows D H A to by-pass the tried and tested scrutiny process primary legislation receives.


Here are some of the more worrying proposals:

  • allowing a constable to 'Arrest without warrant'
  • on the spot penalties
  • unlimited search warrants
  • child dispersal orders

Do come and find out more how these could impact on our Island life. It's not too late to modify the Bill as it is now to be considered by a Select Committee of the House of Keys and your opinion is valuable - it's a live political issue.

First of all come along and hear what our expert panel have to say and then draw your own conclusion.

This is the last P A G Public Meeting of the year, so please do make every effort to attend.

Let your friends know - everyone is welcome - admission free!



+1 #2 Repressive RegimeGuest 2010-11-28 16:51
Dear Sir or Madam,
Good to hear someone is trying to stop the spread of fascism! The Police Powers and Proceedures Act is virtually identical to Hitler's Gestapo policy and the Act should be abolished together with the Misuse of Drugs Act - both are designed to designate ordinary people as ' Drug Jews' (That is not intended to be a rascist comment, but simply to emphasise the dangers of these 'laws' through analogy)
Under this fascist doctrine I've had my door smashed in and a long list of items stolen from my house, in my absence. I've been imprisoned for allegedly breaching bail since a substance not even proven to be cannabis was siezed in my absence, this together with a repressive curfew and on a taggging system that was faulty I have been wrongfully arrested and detained twice with no apologies.
It's time to send Tony Brown a new rubber stamp for Christmas so as he can approve the next piece of 'legislation' already stamped fresh from Westminster which originates from fascist headquarters in Brussels, one of the many homes of dictatorial mind control posing as a band of 'do gooders' supposedly to 'protect the public' - it is altogether no different from Hitler's policies in which he managed to convince the unsuspecting ordinary German people that he was right. The fascist principals are the same, the topics and modus operandi differ, but it's the same repressive fascist psychosis that needs to be halted and like the Nuremburg Trials a new system of Trials needs to be set up to examine the fascists lies and intentions and to bring the perpetrators and supprters to trial in order to stop it at scource, and to act as a warning to any budding fascist that should they wish to perpetrate their evil ways then they will face Trial.

Yours sincerely,
Graham Joughin
+1 #1 Is Bill flawed ?Guest 2010-11-26 09:26
D H A Minister, Adrian Earnshaw, made this comment in the Keys debate (23.11.10) about the Bill:-

"I would not pretend, in a Bill of this size, it is flawless – it certainly will not be....."

That's the very reason why we, the public, need to know more about it.
What are the flaws? Why is he putting forward dodgy legislation?

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