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Dignity in Dying Presentation by Jo Cartwright

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+1 #9 Make life more attractiveroy 2010-11-01 12:59
I agree that the opposing speaker spent far too much time relying on what were very weak references - essentially the bible and 1930's Nazi doctrines - rather than the serious matters that Odone raises in this booklet.

However I felt that the Dignity in Dying speaker did concern herself with these issues and spoke of checks and balances to ensure that this situation did not arise.

I feel it is the politicians who need to make a life-choice more attractive to the 'poor and socially marginalised'. They require better care services but this seems way too complicated for our politicians to want to deal with, with highly critical reports gathering dust.

I wouldn't want what seems little more than a living death in some of the private nursing homes taking on patients leaving the NHS.

Of course that requires far more work than a blanket ban denying us all, whatever our religious and moral views, the right to not have a painful long death.

If a religious group such as Mr. Murcott's wish to have their own rules based on that most peculiar source of 'moral' values, they may choose to do so but do not force the rest of us to follow the same through enshrining it in our law.

It will never stop suicide, but it will force people to take the matter into their own hands with clumsy and disastrous results.
0 #8 Assisted DyingChris Robertshaw 2010-10-24 11:51
I found the PAG Dignity in Dying presentation interesting and informative but badly unbalanced by a lack of breadth in the presentation of what could be seen as an opposing view. For those interested in reading a strong piece offering a standpoint diffferent to that of Jo Cartwright I recommend the following by Christina Odone called

Assisted Suicide - How the chattering classes have got it wrong. It is available on the Centre for Policy Studies website.
She explains how assisted suicide and euthanasia will put the socially marginalised at serious risk.

0 #7 Healthcare Professionals for ChangeGuest 2010-10-24 11:28
Healthcare Professionals for Change believes that healthcare professionals have a duty of care to their patients, which informs our belief that people should not have to suffer against their wishes at the end of life. Alongside access to good quality end-of-life care and the right to refuse medical treatment, we believe that terminally ill, mentally competent adults should have the choice of an assisted death, subject to safeguards
+1 #6 RE: Dignity in Dying Presentation by Jo CartwrightGuest 2010-10-22 14:13
Jo Cartwright in her blog writes about her experience in the I O M.

It is well worth reading as are the associated comments.

The formation of a Dignity in Dying local group will ensure that this particular debate is continued in the coming months.

Thank you Ms Cartwright for igniting the issue here.

+1 #5 Assisted Dying 1Guest 2010-10-12 10:42

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