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Dying with Dignity Meeting 27 September

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P A G Public Meeting

"Dying with Dignity"

with Jo Cartwright, Campaigns & Press Officer of UK Charity Dignity in Dying

7.30 p.m. Monday 27th September 2010

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

Admission free - All welcome

Did you know that during the time of the previous IOM government about 4500 people signed to say that they supported Voluntary Euthanasia?

This was followed by an in-depth Select Committee Report which has been ignored by this parliament. Meanwhile the public debate has raged in the UK Press through a number of high profile court cases.

You may have seen recently a couple of articles in the Manx Independent about the issue. One was by Manx radio presenter Stu Peters and the other by Peter Murcott.

Peter, a retired Lecturer in Law and a Methodist local preacher, has agreed to speak at the meeting in response to the guest speaker.

This is a controversial subject. It will not go away and our politicians ought not bury to bury their heads in the sand about it

There is no requirement to follow U K domestic law, so we are free to frame our own policy in this area.

That's why P A G is raising the issue now. Is it time for IOM to take the lead for once?

Are you clear about the differences between Assisted Dying, Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia and Voluntary Euthanasia?

Come along and find out and join in the debate



A Select Committee of the House of Keys published a Report on Voluntary Euthanasia in January 2006 and it has lain gathering dust since then. PAG considers it time to reignite the public debate .Please make a note in your diary now - we anticipate this to be awell supported presentation and discussion.

UK Charity "Dignity in Dying" has agreed to provide a speaker to raise Island awareness of the controversial topic of 'Assisted Dying'.

Jo Cartwright

Campaigns and Press Officer

Jo is the main contact for all media enquires. She first joined Dignity in Dying in 2005 and following a year working in Education and Policy at the MedicAlert Foundation, rejoined Dignity in Dying in this new capacity in 2008. She has an in-depth knowledge of the issues surrounding greater choice and compassion at the end of life having studied Biomedicine, Human Rights and Law and having worked in palliative care.

Also refresh your knowledge of this Keys Report - Select Committee on Voluntary Euthanasia, received in the Keys on 1st March 2006:




You might also like to see the Hansard for 01.03.06


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0 #8 Care not killingTristram 2010-10-11 11:23
I am opposed to assisted dying. Both speakers put their points across well but one evening's debate cannot do justice to the complexity of the arguments. Not least because the debate lacked any contribution from the medical profession in the Isle of Man. The British Medical Association www.bma.org.uk/sc/ethics/end_life_issues/assisteddying.jsp is against assisted dying. Also the Care not Killing campaign www.carenotkilling.org.uk/ needs highlighting. My concern is that assisted suicide would take the focus away from the continuous improvement that is needed in palliative care. Also note the comments from Alison Davis www.carenotkilling.org.uk/?show=823 who would have killed herself when Doctors thought she has not long to live.

The legislature in the Isle of Man is too small to be used as a test bed for this kind of social experiment - not least because we could not call on the range of expert opinion needed in such a complex subject.
0 #7 "The Ethics Relating to Life and Death"Guest 2010-09-23 10:25
*Admission Free - All Welcome*

Saturday 25th September - St. John’s Methodist Church
1000hrs to 1300hrs

“The Ethics Relating to Life and Death”,
a talk by Richard Vautrey

(followed by discussion)

Richard Vautrey is a GP in Leeds, and the Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association’s GP committee with extensive media experience. He is the medical advisor for the Methodist Connexional Team and he was Vice-President of the Methodist Church in Britain and the Isle of Man last year. He has also served as a mission partner in Nigeria.

*Coffee served from 0930 hrs*
+1 #6 MrGuest 2010-09-23 09:02
My standpoint is perhaps simplistic, but I want to know by what right does some other person dare to presume to know better than me whether I want to die or live? Only I can assess the mount of pain I am suffering, the degree of shame or embarresment I suffer from my condition(s).Ou r civilisation has caused the problem by countering illness with medication leading to over population with too many old, half dead persons. We have introduced birth control, now we need death control to restore a balanced population. Strange that what we do to ourselves in maintaning life despite suffering, is a crime when animals are concerned.
The Isle of Man is well placed to become a Haven of Peace were our laws to change to permit voluntary euthanasia; however those in power seem to be more concerned about what OTHERS are doing rather than seeing and promoting new oportunities.. what a shame.
0 #5 "Choosing a Time to Die"Guest 2010-09-22 16:58
Make sure you catch this 30 minute Radio 4 programme on BBC iPlayer
before it's deleted on 27.09.10.


The debate over whether we should legalise assisted suicide is not going away........... ...
0 #4 Sunday Times 19th Sep 2010Guest 2010-09-21 20:18
I assume you did not see the article in yesterday’s Sunday Times on this issue…very moving and from someone who has had to confront this issue on a daily basis

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