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PAG public meeting: Keeping fit for purpose - presentation

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PAG Public Meeting

Meet the Minister (2) 

'Keeping Fit for a Purpose'




Thank you to our speakers and the many that attended last night. We would appreciate your comments below or on our facebook page.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2015 09:05

PAG 2015 Douglas South Byelection Questionnaire

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Kurt Buchholz (Ind)
Amy Burns (Ind)
Keith Fitton (Libvan)
Bill Malarkey (Ind)


I think the most interesting areas for voters are where candidates opinions differed considerably, so these have been included within the summary. Full details
are provided as an attachment.

All except Bill agreed that the number of Departmental Members ought to be reduced.

Only Bill felt that the forthcoming FoI Act will enable government transparency. Kurt, Keith and Amy did not.

Only Bill felt that Pinewood was a reasonable government investment. Kurt, Keith and Amy did not.

Only Kurt felt that the government should continue with a final salary pension scheme.

Bill feels that Benefits are too generous, Kurt, Amy and Keith do not. Similarly Bill would also support introduction of a UK-style Benefits Cap, the 
other candidates not.

Amy, Keith amd Kurt strongly disagreed with the statement that the 'Toilet Tax' as fair and does not require reform or removal. Bill was neutral.

Keith and Bill feel that the Island is well set to take advantage of emerging economic and technological develpments. Amy and Kurt do not.

Amy felt the Island should be self sufficent in food, Keith disagreed, Kurt didn't know, and Bill was neutral.

Kurt does not think that the government need to 'tighten up' on Work permits, the other candidates do.

When asked whether we should be more independent of the UK, all candiates except Keith agreed. Keith was neutral.

Kurt does not feel the GP service is adequate, Bill believes it is. Amy and Keith were neutral. All agree that the government Dentistry service is
inadequate and that Nobles is not peforming as well as we should expect.

Amy and Bill feel that social care is not adequare or fir for purpose, Keith and Kurt were neutral.

All agree that we do not have enough housing stock and all but Amy are against the sale of stock - Amy was neutral. They all agree that any
'Landlord and Tenant' Act should apply equally to the private and public sector.


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Download this file (PAG_BYE_MAY_2015_QTN _RESULTS_DS.pdf)PAG byelection questionnaire for Douglas South211 Kb1269
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2015 17:58

PAG 2015 Douglas North Byelection Questionnaire

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David Ashford (Ind)
Maire Booth (LibVan)
Ralph Peake (Ind)


I think the most interesting areas for voters are where candidates opinions differed considerably, so these have all been included within the summary. Full details of teh questionnaire and responses are provided as an attachment.

Maire and David felt that the Island is well set to take part in emerging economic advancements, Ralph did not.

Ralph feels that Benefits are too generous, Maire does not and David was neutral on this. Ralph agrees that we should introduce a UK-style Benefits Cap, Maire and David do not.

All feel that the public GP and Dentistry services are not adequate; Ralph and David also believe that Nobles should perform better, Maire was neutral.

David believes we have adequate Social Care, Ralph and Maire do not.

Ralph feels we have sufficient housing stock, Maire and David do not; Ralph would welcome a 'right to buy' policy but Maire and David do not. Ralph and Maire agree that any 'Landlord and Tenant' Act should apply equally to the private and public sector, David does not.

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Download this file (PAG_BYE_MAY_2015_QTN _RESULTS_DN.pdf)PAG byelection questionnaire for Douglas North193 Kb770
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 May 2015 17:55

Credit Union submission

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Our submission to the IoM governments consultation exercise on establishing a framework for a Manx Credit Union.


Feel free to download.

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Download this file (PAGcreditUnionSubm0315FIN.pdf)PAG Credit Unions consultation 2015 submission106 Kb635
Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 April 2015 16:53

British Irish Council - 'Spend to Save'

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Report to British Irish Council Edinburgh March 2015
Spend to Save - innovative approaches to preventative spend

Politicians are becoming wary of describing older people as a ‘burden on society’ and referring to the ‘ticking time bomb’ of the ageing demographic.

But old habits die hard. They still use the dependency ratio as a measure of the problem. As members of the University of The Third Age pointed out during their recent presentation 'Not Old But Gold' at a PAG meeting on 17th February not all old people are dependent and not all people between 18 and 65 are in employment and actively contributing to the NI Fund.

Recently Howard Quayle MHK, Minister for Health and Social Care heard this report presented at a recent meeting of the British Irish Council in Edinburgh. Spend To Save describes some initiatives aimed at keeping people in the community and shows how spending a little money in the right place can help older people a lot.

I’m not sure whether the lack of data on life expectancy in the Isle of Man and the lack of any Policy/Strategy for older people living here shows what a low priority we have for our politicians or not. Certainly the lack of data collected by IOM government was one problem highlighted by Professor Sarah McGhee in her talk to PAG members.

How can you make good policy without data to guide you?

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Download this file (Social Inclusion Bruchure FULL .pdf)British Irish Council - Report on Social Inclusion2607 Kb625

Manx Credit Union momentum

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A year ago the February PAG public meeting was titled "The Case for a Manx Credit Union"
We are delighted to say that there is good news to report from the Manx Credit Union Working Party which has been working hard since then to get this worthwhile project off the ground.
"The FSC has now issued the attached consultation seeking views of ‘all parties interested in establishing, offering services to, or becoming a member of a credit union’.  The consultation closes on 13th March 2015 so I would encourage you to respond by emailing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , at the FSC, stating why you believe the legislation needs to be updated and a new framework introduced.  If you are able to contribute to the questions asked in the consultation or if you want to discuss any aspect with the writer, that would be tremendous.  The important thing is that the FSC get a flavour of public opinion so that Government are not able to say that there was insufficient interest shown.
Over the last twelve months the ‘expression of interest’ forms we made available, have now resulted in 537 people responding positively, with over 90 people ticking the volunteer box and 25 people offering by way of donation ‘seed  money’ to get the project off the ground.  On a world-wide basis there are now 57,000 credit unions with 208 million members operating in 103 countries (Source: World Council of Credit Unions).  We should no longer deprive Isle of Man citizens from the benefits of the credit union movement.  In the UK there are one million members of credit unions with assets in excess of one billion pounds.  In the Republic of Ireland 75% of economically active people are in a credit union.    
Credit unions aim to build a savings culture with affordable loans available to its members.  This will be backed up by financial guidance and a sign posting service to other providers as appropriate without wanting to duplicate any such services offered locally.  We are members of a national credit union trade association UKCU Ltd from whom we receive expert advice and encouragement.  They will also be making a detailed response to the FSC.
This Consultation represents a window of opportunity to bring about a socially relevant enterprise with far reaching benefits for all our citizens.  See more on our website.  We are currently working on an alternative to the Depositors Compensation Scheme, as credit unions on Isle of Man are expressly excluded by legislation from this scheme.  I would like to hear from you if you have any particular ideas about this.
If you wish to be included in our regular mailings please proceed to our website where you can return an ‘expression of interest’ form.  Thank you for your continuing interest and be assured that the Working Party will not flinch in their efforts to bring about a credit union on the Isle of Man."
David Talbot , Chairman,Manx Credit Union (Working Party)
PAG urges you to support this worthwhile movement by responding to the consultation!

PAG public meeting: Not Old but Gold! Presentation summary

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PAG Public Meeting

"Not Old but Gold!" 

Making the Isle of Man a great place to grow old

Presentation  Summary - feel free to download
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Download this file (Not Old but Gold Summary 2.pdf)Not old but gold - presentation summary132 Kb1575
Last Updated on Monday, 23 February 2015 21:17

Isle of man Health and Care Association - three years on

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The Isle of Man Health and Care Association (HACA), the idea for which was first floated approximately three years ago at a PAG public meeting, continues to quietly work away for the benefit of local residents with some success.

The ongoing interaction between the Association and the Health and Social Care Department seems to be slowly producing some improvement in the way complaints by the public are handled; and HACA are pleased to report the management of the hospital, in particular, are becoming more receptive to the feedback they are providing to them.

As a relatively new charity HACA is still keen to recruit additional members but, even more so would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has some spare time and may wish to become involved in the running of the Association.

Theyare also planning a major fund raising event in May and additional volunteers are needed for the organising committee. So if you think you could help - even if only for the next few months - please call the HACA office on 652571 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

More information on their website http://www.iomhaca.im/


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