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Open, accountable government, rigorous control of public finances, and a fairer society for all.

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Do as I say, not as I do!

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A government press release asks community spirited individuals who are interested in playing a part in public life to consider taking up a public appointment. The Council of Ministers and Treasury will soon be appointing members to a number of Statutory Boards and Bodies whose activities have a major impact on everyday life in the Isle of Man.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 October 2011 06:37

2011 General election Results

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Those elected:

Ayre Castletown Douglas East Douglas North  Douglas South
Eddie Teare  Richard Ronan  Chris Robertshaw   John Houghton  David Cretney
  Brenda Cannell Bill Henderson  Kate Beecroft
Douglas West    Garff Glen Faba Malew & Santon Michael
John Shimmin Steve Rodan
David Anderson Graham Cregeen Alfred Cannan
Geoff Corkish
Middle Onchan Peel Ramsey Rushen
Howard Quayle  Peter Karran Tim Crookall Alan Bell Juan Watterson
  Zac Hall Leonard Singer  Laurence Skelly

David Quirk Phil Gawne

Signifies new member. In the case of Mr Singer, newish (welcome back).

Of course the big news is who wasn't elected. Three ministers, Craine, Earnshaw and Quayle are all out. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 October 2011 20:48

In a Democracy, The Electorate Gets the Government It Deserves

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“The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.... “ is one of my favourite quotations from Shakespeare, and is, for me, a defining statement of the need for personal accountability and responsibility in our lives. We currently appear to live in a “blame culture” – our problems always being down to some-one else, as though we had no personal control, involvement or responsibility.

Last Updated on Friday, 23 September 2011 10:49

Manx People Power Survey

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Hugh Davidson's 'Manx People Power Survey of Political Opinion' is attached:
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Download this file (Manx People Survey.pdf)Manx People Survey.pdf1358 Kb3739

The Tax Gap - is it fair? - Presentation

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Rich and poor gap

Last PAG public meeting

Presentation by Mark Solly (former IoM Assessor of Income Tax)

Mark's presentation at this meeting attached - We welcome your comments.

[link to original meeting notice comments]

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Download this file (Taxing Times.pdf)Sandy Gorst's speech: 'Taxing Times'434 Kb1473
Download this file (Solly_PAGAddress.pdf)Mark Solly's presentation188 Kb2204

Be Afraid ! Options to balance the National Budget.....

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budget cutsBe Afraid – Be Very Afraid.....

The impact of the latest UK VAT Agreement is to reduce our Government’s income by some £175 million per year in total – out of an annual total “spend” of some £600 million or so – or a cut of 30%.

Given that our previous Government has spent every penny of income possible in the past five years, made little progress in addressing the problem of the reduction in the VAT tax take (although already actioning the “creative accounting” possibilities of adjusting the nominal interest rate on capital projects, and of starting to take from reserves), the new Government from September faces real problems in producing a “balanced budget”, as it is legally required to do......

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 September 2011 10:07

Membership Subscriptions

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Yes, it's that time of year again!

We'd like to thank all members for their invaluable support last year (and all those that kindly donated towards the expense of our public meetings). Your support has enabled us to put on many PAG events on a very wide spectrum of issues. All events were well attended, often with many politicians and civil servants in the audience.  We hope you have enjoyed the meetings and are pleased at the way PAG has matured into a respected community voice.

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Download this file (PAG Renewal Form Latest 10.11.doc)PAG Renewal Form Latest 10.11.doc31 Kb1138
Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 September 2011 23:09

The End of the Welfare State ?

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welfare state?

There are several indicators that our expectation for a continuing “big brother”, all - protecting welfare state is under stress, and may not survive in the form we have known it for the past 60 years...

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 September 2011 10:07

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